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Do You have Hay Fever and Your Mouth Itches with Eating Raw Fruits and Vegetables?

Posted On: March 29, 2018

You May have Oral Allergy Syndrome.A common phenomenon that people with seasonal allergies may experience is itching of the mouth when eating raw fruits and vegetables. This reaction is called oral allergy syndrome, which occurs because proteins in fruits and vegetables can be similar to those found in pollen.Symptoms of oral allergy syndrome usually include itching or swelling of the mouth, face, lip or tongue. Symptoms rarely progress to a severe reaction called anaphylaxis. These symptoms usually do not occur when the food is cooked.Although there is no definitive testing for oral allergy syndrome, patients usually have positive allergy testing to pollen. There is evidence to suggest that treating one’s pollen allergy with allergy shots improves the symptoms related to oral allergy syndrome. If you have any questions, please speak with one of our allergists.

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