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Posted On: February 2, 2018


Are you a busy professional with seasonal allergies but no time to get frequent allergy shots? Rush immunotherapy may be for you!

This is a continuation of the discussion about allergen immunotherapy (AIT) or “allergy shots” from last week. If you haven’t read the first blog, please look back at that blog […]

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Posted On: January 27, 2018

Allergen Immunotherapy or “allergy shots”

Allergen Immunotherapy or “allergy shots” is a proven and effective treatment for various allergic conditions.

Allergen Immunotherapy (AIT) or “allergy shots” is a well-studied and effective treatment for allergic conditions including seasonal allergies. In 1911, researchers published the first scientific article in the prominent British […]

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Posted On: January 20, 2018


Concerned about a Penicillin Allergy?

Most Patients Who Report a Penicillin Allergy are Actually not Allergic when Tested. As many as 10 percent of the general population reports a penicillin allergy. Studies show that when […]

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Posted On: January 12, 2018


Evidence Suggests that Early Introduction of Peanuts Prevents Development of Peanut Allergy.

Within the last couple years, the paradigms for the evaluation of treatment of peanut allergy have changed. It was once thought that delay in introduction of highly allergenic foods would […]

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Posted On: January 5, 2018


New Guidelines Recommend that Patients with Egg Allergy of Any Severity Can Get the Flu Vaccine

An update on the practice parameters for administering the flu vaccine to egg allergic patients will be published in the latest issue of Annals of Allergy Asthma and Immunology coming […]

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Posted On: December 29, 2017


This Just In: FDA has Removed Box Warning for Combination Asthma Inhalers

This past week, the US Food and Drug Administration ruled to remove the Black Box Warning about asthma-related deaths for medications that contain both inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) and long acting […]

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Posted On: December 21, 2017


Biologics for Moderate to Severe Asthma

As our understanding of asthma expands, we are realizing that not all asthma is the same. New therapies are emerging to help provide personalized precision medicine for asthma treatment. Biologics […]

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Posted On: December 8, 2017


Staying Healthy During the Holidays

1. Wash your hands. Viruses and bacteria are found everywhere including surfaces that people are commonly in contact with. Common points of entry of these viruses include the mouth and […]

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