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Patient Testimonials

We recently relocated from coastal Oregon to Longmont. The low humidity and high quantities of grass allergens caused sudden and severe misery for me. I had headaches, my eyes ached and my vocal chords nearly stopped working. My throat passage was closing and I could no longer take pills and could just barely speak.

On my first visit Dr. Dave assessed the seriousness of my condition and knew just what emergency steps needed to be taken and was able to arrange for both ear/nose/throat and voice specialists to see me the very next day, along with his immediate testing and other measures. In 3 days I was on a fast-track to recovery.

I am now stabilizing and well on my to getting my life back. I say ”well done” Dr. Dave.

- R K


I saw Dr. Dave for the first time a week ago. I had been coughing for several months and thought I had allergies.

The Dr. and his nurse were wonderful. He actually came in and sat down to talk for about 15 minutes before he started any tests. He was thorough, knowledgeable and friendly. His nurse ran several breathing tests and did a complete allergy test. It turns out I was not allergic like I thought but do have asthma. I was so surprised. They set me up with inhalers and a follow-up visit. I used the inhaler that night and slept without coughing the whole night and every night since.

I would highly recommend Dr. Dave to anyone.

The staff got me in right away and everything ran on time. Another PLUS that you don’t find in many offices.

- S S


I have suffered from severe seasonal allergies since early childhood, and was taught to “live with it”. However over the last couple of years my symptoms have worsened severely. The over-the-counter allergy medicines had no affect, and even after my symptoms had subsided, I continued to have severe coughs for weeks and months afterwards.

Dr. Dave was excellent! We did the allergy tests, and determined I am indeed very sensitive to several allergens. He also determined the reasons for my severe coughing etc. He’s kept me informed on the treatments we will be doing, and why. He and his staff have been comforting and re-assuring as I have started the allergy treatment process. I am looking forward to having a somewhat normal life.

He has literally given me hope, and I am no longer dreading the changing of the seasons. I would strongly recommend him to any longtime allergy/asthma sufferer.

- C S


When my son had to start his treatment for Asthma/Allergy, the staff was very helpful. Dr. Dave made sure we understood everything and left no question unanswered. When giving injections, the nursing staff are very kind and good with children. A great experience for my son and I.

- C L


Dr. Dave has provided excellent treatment for my asthma and allergy symptoms. He was willing to take an aggressive approach with my immunotherapy and medication and experiment to find a best fit for me, and now I am virtually symptom-free. He is always attentive to patient needs and concerns and has great bedside manner. Definitely recommended for allergy/asthma sufferers. He will get you feeling better and keep you that way.

- C L


Dr. Dave and his staff are amazing. I had suffered my entire life with sinus issues. Dr. Dave was successful in creating a comprehensive plan including modifying my meds. I feel 100% better. I strongly recommend Dr. Dave.

- G C


I have had what I thought were allergies for most of my adult life. After moving from Phoenix to Colorado, I thought they would change or go away and when they didn’t, I knew I needed an allergist. Dr. Dave systematically eliminated everything (although I am allergic to one tree and one weed) and we have ruled out all other allergies. We were able to find something that helped with my rhinitis and I am feeling much better on a daily basis. It’s nice to have a doctor that cares about making you better and not just about getting you in and out the door. The staff are all really friendly and very welcoming. I would highly recommend this office to anyone suffering from any type of breathing problem!

- C W


I’ve been to many allergists. I personally lacked the motivation to continue on allergy shots and asthma medication until Dr. Dave came along. He was motivated and enthusiastic to help me push through to a healthier lifestyle. Thanks to his knowledge and charisma, I have found a doctor I can trust who will work around my needs and concerns. Thanks.

- C R


Dr. Dave is a great doctor that cares and listens to what I say about my symptoms. He is a great guy. When I go in for my shots, the nurses are always understanding (when I run a little late) and are really nice. Dr. Dave also likes to get to know me and remember what I like to do for hobbies, always creating that welcoming feeling.

- D C


My son and I have pretty intense seasonal allergies that affect our daily lives and health. We have been extremely satisfied with the care we have received here. The doctor has taken the time to determine which medicines a best as well as to formulate personal injection serums. He also has taken much time to answer all of our questions. This treatment has resulted in dramatic improvement in our lives. In addition, the medical staff is friendly and treats us as individuals. Each visit we feel welcomed and remembered. We are glad we chose this practice for our allergy treatment.

- S W


I have been dealing with allergy since childhood. I have tried shots, pills, house filters etc. you name it and I have tried it. Dr. Dave, listened to my history answered my questions and convinced me to try shots again. Dr. Dave is very knowledgeable, friendly and patient. His staff is unbelievable! They are always upbeat, friendly and professional. I never feel rushed if I have questions they get the answers. They make my twice a week visits something I don’t mind doing. I would recommend Dr. Dave and is staff to anyone looking for help with allergy issues.

- T A


I have suffered from not so seasonal allergies for over ten years. The last two years have been the worst I have ever experienced and caused me to miss work because of them. Dr. Davé took the time to listen to my concerns, ask me the right questions and address my needs. He customized a treatment plan to meet my medical needs and my schedule and I am on my way to real relief. His staff provides great care and take a serious interest in my health and comfort.

- J O


“I am very pleased with the results of the treatment my son has received from Dr. Dave. He doesn’t have a “mystery” cough anymore. Also, the last time he caught a cold, I didn’t panic because he didn’t feel like a hand was pressing on his chest.”

- B S

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